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Start Track - Overview


Designed primarily for:

- People who are keen to develop their own skills and awareness of data and analytics

- Companies that are using legacy systems and looking to upgrade their capability

- HR leaders who are looking to build the support and investment they need


- HR professionals who need to improve fluency in the language of business – their own or that of their teams

Hear presentations that will give you guidance on creating the environment at your organisation that will allow HR to grow into a fully data-driven function of business, in the same way that Marketing transformed from being a function driven by gut feeling to one largely driven by hard data and statistical prediction.

- Low on budget, resources on in-house skills?
- Struggling to get the support you need from other areas of the business?
- Working in an SME where there are unique demands on you?

Watch and contribute to a panel discussion on how to get started in environments like this, hear how an HR leader, an analytics leader and a People-focussed entrepreneur have all confronted these challenges successfully. Take away a playbook at the end, built collaboratively throughout the session, including input from the audience, with some invaluable advice on jump-starting your analytics initiative.

- What are your competitors doing to address the challenges you’re facing?
- How do companies of the same size but in different industries overcome these problems?
- Could you learn something from other HR leaders who have been working on the same things you have?

Join round-table discussion groups on any one of a number of topics, some facilitated by experts, others completely peer-led. Hear about other people’s experiences, share your own challenges in a friendly and open environment (with Chatham House rules), and take away some invaluable ideas on how to progress.

Don't forget - you can move freely between tracks, both days