Using HR Analytics to Solve Commercial Issues and Improve Organisational Performance

A group interactive exercise in exploring:

• The value of HR analytics to the business
• Problem solving and risk assessment not just data reporting
• The HR analytics process

Small group discussion (your choice of topics)

For each topic, the group will discuss:
• How do you frame the hypothesis to be tested?
• What data would you need?
• How would you present your results in a compelling way?

Option 1: Performance and productivity
- How can you use analytics to identify performance shortfalls or opportunities?

Option 2: Organisational health
- Using a variety of indicators (eg absence, wastage, employee engagement, safety) to point to risks to organisational success

Option 3: Innovation
- How would you assess the level of organisational innovation and the degree of employee contribution and opportunities for improvement?

Option 4: Leadership and Culture
- How do you determine the most effective leadership style to deliver business results, and how do you test whether your current leaders meet these characteristics?

Option 5: Supply-side difficulties
- If you are struggling to resource your business, can you identify - and take steps to rectify - the causes of your problem (eg. supply shortage, high wastage, failure to attract, etc)?

Discuss the conclusions and common threads between the groups.

A: Start Guided Round-table