Panel Discussion: Getting Analytics Off the Ground, at a SME or on a Shoestring

Getting Analytics Off the Ground, with a Small Team and Budget


Creating a Playbook - Live

As with so many things, starting to build your HR analytics project on strong foundations – with cross-functional support, ample resources and a workable strategy – will give it a far greater chance of success.

Easier said than done, in many cases. What do you do if:

  1. You’re not Google
  2. You have skeptical or reluctant senior leadership
  3. You have very little budget to spare
  4. Your team is tiny, with little to no analytics capability


This panel is comprised of people who have faced exactly these circumstances many times over, building People Analytics capability more or less from scratch (although admittedly, one of them at one point did this at Google).

Despite the obvious challenges, there are a surprising number of opportunities and even advantages to starting from this seemingly disadvantageous position. During this discussion, we will explore:

-          The immediate things you need to prioritise

-          The pitfalls you need to be aware of

-          The dangers of bias and manipulation – deliberate and unconscious

-          Knowing where to focus your efforts

-          How to create an HR Analytics strategy that will actually help your company

-          The ways in which you can take advantage of your clean slate and agility

-          The impact of GDPR and its particular impact on smaller companies, and those with less developed data capabilities.

What are your big challenges in building People Analytics? What do you need guidance on?

You have an opportunity to consult with HR and Analytics executives and entrepreneurs who have built capability from scratch at a variety of SMEs, start-ups and high-growth companies, and also established companies, including Google, Bloomberg, Merck, Jawbone and the World Economic Forum. Send your questions to the panel via the conference app – or just raise your hand and ask in person.

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