How to Create a Data Culture in HR – Driving the Use of Analytics in HR Decisions and Operations

Plenary Panel Discussion

Creating a Data Culture in HR


Driving the use of HR Analyics in HR Decisions and Operations


A successful and sustainable analytics project relies on your internal customers trusting the insights you generate to guide their decisions and operations. In HR (as in some other areas of business), where there is often a deeply-rooted culture of decision-making based on subjective experience, learned knowledge, emotional/empathic judgement and instinct, this can be a problem.

This culture is borne of the historical need for a human touch in what is of course a uniquely people-centric function. In the age of digital transformation, this therefore presents a big challenge in building an awareness of the value of data, a level of trust in its usefulness, and a willingness to defer to the recommendations of a faceless algorithm in decisions affecting the people that HR professionals have spent their careers proudly specialising in treating with empathy and human judgement.

How does the HR leader who is driving the analytics transformation in their department overcome this resistance? How are the gaps in capability and confidence overcome, and how will the role of the HRBP need to change to accommodate the demands of the new digital organisation?

This panel will discuss these questions, examining the puzzles that HR leaders are now finding themselves confronting, for example:

- What causes HRBPs and HR staff to lack confidence in data and not make use of it?

- How can analytics and data insights be made more accessible and usable?

- How will the role of the HRBP need to change in a data-driven HR department and organisation?

- To what extent should insight from data take priority over gut instinct in decision-making?

- When to focus on pockets of data-driven HR vs. collective mobilisation/alignment?

What challenges and dilemmas are you facing in creating a data culture in HR? Ask questions of the panel, and take away invaluable guidance – either using the technology option (submit and upvote questions via the conference app) or the human option (raise your hand!)

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