How to Build Analytics Capability in your Organisation

Let’s start with People Analytics… That’s easily said. But making People Analytics a success is a complete different story.

One of the main difficulties is to get the right capabilities on board. And no, People Analytics is not only about data science. What about storytelling competencies, business sensitivity, experience with various software packages, knowledge about the coming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), consultancy skill, a strategic level of thinking… oh, and great social skills of course. Not to forget about in-depth HR knowledge.

Well, such a Superman generally does not exist. So how do you make sure you have these capabilities in place? Do you collaborate, do you develop these capabilities yourself, do you hire them, do you acquire them?

In this round table session, facilitated by Dr. Sjoerd van den Heuvel from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, you’ll develop - and get answers - to three questions:

1) Which capabilities are needed in your organization to make People Analytics a success?

2) To what extent are these capabilities in place ‘today’

3) How can you make sure these capabilities are in place ‘tomorrow’?

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