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Grow Track - Overview


Designed primarily for:

- People who have begun developing analytics at their companies
- Companies that have some level of technology that delivers insight
- HR leaders who are looking to push ahead and discover what new kinds of People insights are possible
- HR professionals who want to start linking more data together and provide more demonstrable value to other functions.

Hear presentations of new work taking place at leading organisations, covering deeper employee insight and predictive modelling. Find out how you can use your existing data in new and creative ways to help your business achieve its goals, and work closer with other departments to foster a mutual understanding and appreciation of the value of People data for achieving their own objectives.

- You have the data, now how do you drive action?
- How do you make HR insights consumable for line managers?
- How do we enable both HRBPs and the wider business to use HR Analytics themselves, and to understand the huge value it represents?

Watch and contribute to a panel discussion on how to communicate the value of HR Analytics to the business. Learn how other companies are unburdening HR with the operational aspect of delivering HR insights to the business by embedding them into business processes, and creating ways for them to be easily consumable outside of the HR Analytics team. Take away a playbook at the end, which will be built collaboratively during the course of the session, full of practical ideas from both the panellists and the contributions of the audience.

- What are your competitors doing to address the challenges you’re facing?
- How do companies of the same size but in different industries overcome these problems?
- Could you learn something from other HR leaders who have been pushing ahead in People Analytics?

Join round-table discussion groups on any one of a number of topics, some facilitated by experts, others completely peer-led. Hear about other people’s experiences, share your own challenges in a friendly and open environment (with Chatham House rules), and take away some invaluable ideas on how to progress.

Don't forget - you can move freely between tracks, both days