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Advance Track - Overview


Designed primarily for:

- People with a reasonable command of the principles of analytics and technology
- Companies that are at a level of analytics sophistication that is giving them good insights
- HR leaders that want to discover the possibilities and leading-edge practices around the world
- HR professionals that want to learn about new data sources, new ways to integrate technology, and how the future of work is developing.

Hear presentations of advanced practices in People Analytics, and ways in which the spheres of HR and other departments are merging with regard to the data generated and the insights provided. Find out how some of the leading companies in the world are pushing ahead with new and creative approaches to prediction and prescription, both in terms of external labour issues and internal talent optimisation.

- Are you limiting your investigations to the same kinds of data?
- What external factors are influencing your recruitment and retention?
- Are your competitors gaining competitive advantage from data sources that are there for everyone to use?

Watch and contribute to a panel discussion that will explore some of the leading-edge practices in People Analytics, and how to bring new internal and external data sources into your investigations. Find out how you can show causality between different factors, using technology to parse data on an unprecedented level, and find interrelations that can give you the competitive edge in the talent market. Take away a playbook at the end of the session, which will be built collaboratively from inputs from the panellists and the audience, which you can then present to your team and begin using right away.

- What are your competitors doing to address the challenges you’re facing?
- How do companies of the same size but in different industries overcome these problems?
- Could you learn something from other HR leaders who have been pushing ahead in People Analytics?

Join round-table discussion groups on any one of a number of topics, some facilitated by experts, others completely peer-led. Hear about other people’s experiences, share your own challenges in a friendly and open environment (with Chatham House rules), and take away some invaluable ideas on how to reach the front of the curve in sophistication and insight.

Don't forget - you can move freely between tracks, both days